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CNC-01 CNC Contour Cutting Machine (Wire Type)
CNC-01 CNC Contour Cutting Machine(Wire Type)

Product Description:

CNC-01 CNC Contour Cutting Machine is mainly used for block foam abnormity cutting, two or three dimensional polyurethane foam or similar materials, as adopt special frame movement and worktable rotate, has a good advantage of occupying area small product efficiency high, cutting exact, operate easily , so the product widely used in varies field, such as heat preservation materials, furniture,mattress, packing and other industrial usage.

Technical Specification:

Model CNC-01
Cutting Foam Size W2200mm*L2200mm
Cutting Foam Height H1200mm
Cutting Foam Density  ≥150kg/CBM(+0.03-0.05mm)
Cutting Speed 0~15m/min
Table Moving Speed 0~20m/min
Table Moving Type 180℃ Rotatory Or Go And Back (To Be Requested)
Dust Clean System One Set*2.2kw
Press Plate Device One Set.
Blade Length L10120mm*Dia1.3mm
Control Type Computerized
Wire Tension System Available
Machine N.W 2200kg
Total Motor Power 11.9kw
Floor Space L5200mm*W4500mm*H2400mm