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XBF-11/15A Seated Foaming Machine (Manual Operation)
P88 Pneumatic Palm Fibre Clamping Gun

Product Description:

XBF-11/15A manual foaming seated machine is mostly used for mixing, stirring and foaming the raw material of foam rubber. It stirs the material in high-speed, makes it mixing completely, and finishes the chemical reaction, then, pull into mould and forming. This machine has timing function.

Technical Specification:

Model XBF-11A XBF-15A
Total power 11kw 15kw
Max. foaming-output 150kg 180kg
Max. stirring-speed 0-2800r/min 0-2800r/min
Machine weight 600kg 600kg
Foaming-bucket(dia.450mm,500mm,550mm) 2pcs 2pcs
Machine dimension(L*W*H) L1250*W650*H1100mm