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XFS-22 Foam Crushing Machine
XFS-22 Foam Crushing Machine

Product Description:

XFS-22 Foam Crusher is mostly used of recycling the scraped-foam rubber, which are crushed, and working together with stirring machine to make the reprocessing foam. This machine works better after improving, better output, and higher efficiency.

Technical Specification:

Model XFS-22
crushing speed 100~130kg/h
Min. crushing particulate 3mm~20mm
Screen mesh 3pcs(8mm, 18mm, 30mm)
Wind machine 1 set(5.5KW)
Total power 29kw
Machine weight 1000kg
Machine dimension L2930×W1100×H1070mm
Remark: The above date of only for reference, all the parameter is subjected to sell the production.