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XYP-60/70/100 Carrousel Splitting Foam Machine
XYP-60/70/100 Carrousel Splitting Foam Machine

Product Description:

XYP-60/70/100 carrousel-splitting foam machine adopts the advanced imported controlled techniques drive. This machine is mostly used for much quadrate foam once flatly slicing. It can be cut continuously, which makes the productivity more efficiency. Besides, we succeed to develop a latest and huge carrousel splitting machine, which is a big diameter 10.5m in China. It can be cutting the bigger quadrate foam in W2.15XL14.5m continuously.
(This machine can be matched working with vacuum equipments)

Technical Specification:

Model XYQ-60 XYQ-70 XYQ-100
Cutting foam size W1.5×L2×H1.2m(4pcs) W1.5×L2×H1.2m(5pcs) W1.5×L2×H1.2(8pcs)
Max. cutting size W1.5×L2×H1.2m(4pcs) W2.15×L3×H 1.2(3pcs) W2.15×L4.5× H1.2(3pcs)
Total power 8.12kw 8.92klw 10.52kw.
Worktable turning speed 0~3.5r/min 3~3.0r/min 0~2.0r/min
Blade perimeter 8940mm 10000m 10240mm
Dia. Of working table ¢6m ¢7m ¢10.5m
Slicing thickness 2~150mm 2~150mm 2~150mm
Machine weight 3300kg 3500kg 3800kg
Machine dimension L6.9×W6×H2.4m L7.9×W7×H2.4m L11.5×W1.1× H2.4m