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XYQ-2150 Foam Peeling Machine
XYQ-2150 Foam Peeling Machine

Product Description:

XYQ-2150 Foam Peeling Machine is mainly used for round foam continuous first for long wafer cutting work, control cutting thickness through change gear (the machine also can choose ball screw and servo control system, change the original gear control cutting thickness, using the latest digital control technology, the operation is more flexible, more accurate cutting precision.

Technical Specification:

 Model XYQ-2150
Max cutting size Φ2000X2150mm
Cutting thickness range 2~25mm
Total power 6.59kw
Peeling speed 25m~30m/min
Thickness control Gear control
Machine weight 1800kg
Machine size(LxWxH) 4560x1650x1950mm
Remark: The above date of only for reference, all the parameter is subjected to sell the production