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XYX-1650/2150 Profile Cutting Equipment
XYX-1650/2150 Profile Cutting Equipment

Product Description:

XYX-1650/2150 profiling cutting machine is used for cutting the foam into wavy shape, which is mostly used in appropriate electron, delicate instrument, car seating, sanitarian products and rich article of packing.

Technical Specification:

Model XYX-1650 XYX-2150
Max. profiling width 1650mm 2150mm
Max. profiling thickness 30mm 30mm
Cutting speed 0~25m/min 0~25m/min
Profiling axletree turning speed(working) 0~25r/min 0~25r/min
Power 10.74KW 10.74KW
Weight 2000kg 2500kg
Machine dimension L4200xW1250xH1550mm L4700xW1250xH1550mm
Remark: The above date of only for reference, all the parameter is subjected to sell the production.