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ErgoCheck Light
ErgoCheck Light
ErgoCheck Light
ErgoCheck Light
ErgoCheck Light
ErgoCheck Light

Areas of Use:

Human Pressure Testing System for visualization and quantification of contact pressure.
-Product Selection and/or individual adaption of products of all kinds, like.
- Commercail Bedding Systems (Selection, Adaption and Individualizing).
- Water Beds (Selection, Adjustment of the Water Filling Level).
- Systems, based on the principle of Communicating Tubes.
- Air or Gas based Bedding Systems.
- periodically done After Sales Control, to ensure a continued quality of adaption/comfort to/for the enduser/sleeper.
- Product Development.
- Quality Control of a series product.
-Development, Production and use of products in medical applications like.
- Sleep Research (recording and anylizing a sleeper’s moving /activity profile).
- Development, Control and Adjustment of products for Decubitus Prophylaxis.
- Selection, Control and Adaptation of Hospital Standard Beds and Systems & Tools for Decubitus Prophylaxis.

Introduction for products basic application:

Standard Marketing Software (light):

pressure reading in side lying, shown 2 dimensional different pressures are shown in different colors

Standard Marketing Software (light):

pressure profile in side lying, shown 3 dimensional

Standard Marketing Software (light):

result of the testing of 4 different bedding systems (A .. D) in comparison to the floor (system E) regarding comfort/body support

green bars: result for back positions blue bars: result for side positions
white bars: total (green + blue) result in relation 50% back :50% side
(user adjustable from 0:100 to 100:0 in 10% steps)

Screendump into a selfmade Userpage (light):

a sreendump of the ErgoCheck software can be embedded into an individually creatable backgroundpage, made by the user itself - for marketing or documentation purposes