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WB-4A Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine
WB-4A Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine
WB-4A Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine
WB-4A Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine

Product Description:

WB-4A Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine is mainly used for taping edge of mattress panel and soft cushion. Rather than moving around, the head is fixed but can move up and down to adapt to different height of mattress. The obliquity of the head is adjustable. When working, the conveying belt drives the mattress to proceed, When one side is finished, the machine can swerve 90°automatically to start taping another side. The taping of the corner is finished while swerving. When the top four sides are completed, the machine can overturn the mattress for taping the other four sides. This machine needs only one operator and there is no need for him to move around or overturn the mattress manually. Thus higher efficiency and less labor is realized.

Technical characteristics:

1, Featuring the heavy-duty 300U Chain stitch sewing head and variable speed control, the TapeMaster is capable of taping all sizes of mattresses from crib to king.
2, Specifically designed for today’s heavy premium and pillowtop mattresses, the high-speed head sews up to 3000 RPM.
3, The operator remains in a stationary sewing position while wide controlled conveyor belts move the mattress. The patented compression and turning devices built into the machine bring the mattress to the sewing head.
4, The process is further automated by the unique design that turns and flips the mattress in preparation for taping the other side.

Technical Specification:

Model WB-4A
Productivity 20 pcs/HOUR
Thickness Of Mattress 100-400mm
Head Lifting Range 0-300mm
Sewing head 300U Chain stitch
Working angle of the sewing head 25°-65°
Table Dimension 3760×1980×880mm
Total Power 3KW
Power Supply 220V/380V, 50HZ, 3-Phase
Air Supply (0.6-0.8)Mpa
Machine weight 1350KG